PLEASE NOTE: The total number of lashes applied in each set is dependent upon how many natural lashes you have! Most lash applications take approximately two hours.

LIGHT LASH 100|A light set is a half set of classic lash extensions. We fill each eye 50 to 60 percent full.

CLASSIC LASH 135|1:1 ratio of lashes. One individual lash placed onto one natural lash. This set is recommended for client’s seeking a natural yet defined appearance.

HYBRID LASH 150|Combination lashes for a little more volume. A mix of individual and volume fan lashes placed onto natural lashes.

VOLUME LASH 175|Drastic volume. More than one lash (a fan of 3 or more lashes) placed onto one lash.

BOTTOM LASH 50|Full bottom lash set. Please note, these lashes require more frequent touch-ups than upper lashes.

LASH EXTENSION REMOVAL 25|Lash extensions should always be professional removed by a certified technician. Avoid plucking or pulling because this can cause damage. Please, never try to remove them on your own.


Fills are touchup appointments charged by time. This is recommended for lash extensions that have shed and new natural lashes have grown.

Classic Fills

60 MIN| 60 | 90 MIN| 90 

Hybrid Fills

60 MIN| 80 | 90 MIN| 110 

Volume Fills

60 MIN| 100 | 90 MIN| 130 


  1. Please remove all eye makeup and mascara prior to your lash extension service. Use a mild, oil-free cleanser, not oil-based.Do not apply any creams or lotions to the eye area. Oil and moisture prevents eyelash adhesive from bonding to the natural eyelash and reduces the longevity of your lash extensions.
  2. Do not curl your lashes before your appointment. Extensions will not adhere to crimped eyelashes.
  3. We do not perform any services on work that was not done at EyeDream DMV. This avoids the risk of mixing different adhesives and different materials applied by other lash artists. If you currently have lash extensions on, it is required to book a removal service with your new set on your first visit.
  4. During the service, please ensure your phone is silenced. Lash extension application requires precision. Feel free to listen to your own audio or nap while we transform your lashes.

  1. Curling the eyelashes and wearing any type of mascara is not recommended. The eyelash curler will break the bond on the extensions and might damage your natural lashes. Using mascara causes lashes to stick together, harden and fall off prematurely.
  2. Use disposable mascara wands to brush your lashes daily.
  3. Always be gentle with your lashes by sleeping on your back. Sleeping face down or on your sides will cause lashes to bend or fall off prematurely.
  4. Allow the extensions to fall off naturally or schedule an appointment to have them professionally removed. Do not pull on any loose extensions or or remove the lash extensions yourself.


Eyelash extensions shed normally like normal eyelashes, thus multiple extensions may be lost on any given day. Visit EyeDream DMV for regular touch-up appointments, and please schedule in advance as availability can be limited.


4 FRIENDS PARTY PACKAGE 500|Friends enjoy a black charcoal peel off facial with a facial wax of choice, topped with a  classic lash set! $200 non-refundable deposit required.

6 FRIENDS PARTY PACKAGE 700|Friends enjoy a black charcoal peel off facial with a facial wax of choice, topped with a  classic lash set! $200 non-refundable deposit required.

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